How to get the best out of working from home

How to get the best out of working from home

Keep a work and home routine

It’s great to work where you live, so convenient and efficient. However, the distance that your pre-covid commute used to add wasn’t all bad. If you want to make sure your job doesn’t swamp your life or your life doesn’t endanger your job you need to add a routine and stick to it.

Try to seperate your time and space and when you’re working stay in the working space. Set actual start times and break times and stick to them.

Look for reasons to meet in person

Paradoxically, working from home can make getting out to meetings more pleasurable. Keep stretching yourself, find reasons to meet colleagues and clients in person. Think of this as an opportunity to differentiate yourself, making the effort to meet people has always been a positive part of many roles. It’s even more important now.

Whilst it’s often easier not to make an effort, once you’ve made the effort it’s often rewarding. So, make the effort and become the person that brings people together.

Tell you’re family that you are ‘at work’

Be clear with your family, find ways that they can help you to stay focussed. Close doors and make rules to limit distractions.

Look after your health

For many people screen time will increase when you work from home. You will use your home screen and chair constantly. Problems with eyesight and posture can occur gradually, you must not wait for them.

Consider your home workplace as an investment in yourself. Use tax advantages and company programs to make sure your home office is as safe or safer than your work office.

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