We believe that corrupt business practices are a root cause of poverty and inequality.

By taking a stand here against corrupt business practices we are adding one small lift to the overall progression towards improving our society. The employees that work for Team Employment can know that they work for an organisation that wins it’s business fairly and grows responsibly. We expect every direct or indirect employee of Team Employment to progress their journey knowing that success in business can be achieved without the need for inappropriate gifts or favours.

We publicy share our company policy here. Version 1.01, 19th May 2023

Team Employment has a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and is committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all business dealings.

This policy applies to all people involved with Team Employment.

This specifically includes the owner; Michael Reed.

This policy covers all iteraction with Customers, Suppliers, Government Agencies and within Team Employment.

2. THE Policy

No Representative of Team Employment is permitted to pay, offer, accept or receive a bribe in any form. A Representative must never:

  • Offer or receive anything of value as a ‘quid pro quo’ in relation to obtaining business or awarding contracts.
  • Use illegal or improper means (including bribes, favours, blackmail, financial payments, inducements, secret commissions or other rewards) to influence the actions of others; or offer anything of value when you know it would be contrary to the rules of the recipient’s organisation for the recipient to accept it.
  • Make a false or misleading entry in the company books or financial records.
  • Act as an intermediary for a third party in the solicitation, acceptance, payment or offer of a bribe or kickback.
  • Attempt to induce a public official to do something illegal or unethical.
  • Do anything to induce, assist or permit someone else to violate this policy.
  • Ignore, or fail to report, any suggestion of a bribe.
3. company gifts and donations

All gifts given by or accepted by Team Employment will be transacted openly and specifically will be to mark events or celebrations that are not directly related to any specific commercial undertaking.

All gifts given by or accepted by Team Employment will be modest in size and completely appropriate to the nature of the event or celebration. No Team Employment gift or payment to any employee, customer or government representative will be over $500.00 in value.

All Team Employment gifts will inclue a reference to this policy.

Team Employment has never and will never donate to any political cause or party.

Team Employment does make charitable donations. These are made openly and to assist the charities purpose. Gifts to charities are nevery deliberatly shown or advertised in any Team Employment published media including web site text, social media posts or email communications.


All Team Employment representatives must know and adhere to this policy.

Any manager or supervisor of Team Employment employees must communicate this policy to their staff.


Failure to comply to this policy may lead to appropriate disciplinary or legal action.

Team Employment will not protect any representative from legal action due to bribery or corruption allegations and will not support them with any contribution of time or money to defend against allegations of corruption unless the allegations are obviously unfounded or deliberately mischevious.