Our 5 recruitment promises to make your job easier

Because they work

A leading Melbourne-based IT Application developer had just experienced the loss of three long-term support staff. Suddenly they are short of support staff, they have an instant ‘urgent requirement’.

Their usually relible method to find great staff, referrals from their established network, was nowhere near as effective in 2022. They found one ‘perfect fit’ and hired immediately.

They came to Team Employment needing to find two more.

Team Employment Promises:

The promises used for permanent placements worked:

(CLIENT) We will meet you face to face

Offered and not needed, the client wanted good virtual connections.
We facilitated meetings as required and always at the clients preferred time.
It worked: we quickly grasped the hiring managers ‘mind picture’ of the ‘perfect fit’.

(CLIENT) We will get back to you within 24 hours

Our most powerful promise. We aren’t an agency that disappears once we have a role to fill. The pressure to report progress propels every one of our candidate searches. It’s a promise that we love to make.

Our client recieved at least one email, text, meeting or phone call on every day of our search until we had both positions filled. She possibly didn’t know that we worked this way but I’m sure looking back she would acknowledge how well it worked.

(CLIENT) every single candidate is interviewed

Sounds obvious but the days of basing candidate selections on CVs and Cover Letters are long gone for most roles. At Team Employment the written application is primarily used as a way to qualify a candidate for our interview process.

Our clients quickly realize that we do our job, fully assessing our candidates before we decide that they qualify for the role.

(Candidate) we work with you

All candidates that applied for the role were either contacted if their application was a fit or notified that they were not selected.

Once we’d selected candidates that we were going to introduce to our client we set clear time limits for our response. Candidates were kept involved with every step of our process as we made arrangements with our client.

It worked, we quickly identified the candidates for client interviews, progressing the search quickly and efficiently.

(Candidate) staying in touch

We operate a 24-hour turnaround with our candidates too, and it works. Once we selected a candidate for a role we updated them regularly. Our candidates knew what was happening and stayed with us.

Two excellent placements

Within one month we completed our search and finalised start dates for two outstanding applicants. Reference checks confirmed the quality of the our new placements.

We have one more promise that will be kept, our 6 month guarantee. Our process and the relationships we have built with our client and candidates means that we are sure that our candidates will do well in their new roles whilst being confident to find alternate applicants if we need to.

Team Employment Promises work for our clients and our candidates.

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