The advantages of a Team placement

How to save on recruitment by accessing our prequalified candidates

On 1st July 2023 I introduced the Team placement system. After operating the Team Employment brand for over a year we’d already built a pool of qualified candidates that we could offer to clients.

  • Already qualified to work, Interviewed and accepted.
  • Responsive, they answer texts, turn up for interviews and turn up for work.
  • Paperwork already in place, police checks, references and all contact info.
  • One Month ‘Team Probation’ before invoicing.
  • Extended, 9 Month replacement guarantee.
  • Reduced ‘cost only’ introduction contract rate possible for selected roles.

If you accept a candidate through the team placement system we will share our reduced costs with you by deducting 30% from your placement fee. Our current ‘new business’ placement fee is 12.5%. This will reduce to: 8.75%.

Interested? Select ‘Looking at hiring…’ when you Register with Team

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