Minimise No Shows!

Minimise ‘No Shows’!

Minimise ‘No Shows’!

Tired of scheduling interviews only to have candidates not show up? You’re not alone!

My tips to minimise ‘no shows’:

1️⃣ Over Communicate Outline the interview process including date, time, and location. Ensure they have all the information they need.

2️⃣ Over Confirm Send a reminder email a day or two before the interview. Follow it up with a message reminder on the morning of the interview. Finally, find a way for your appointment to send out an alert shortly before the interview time.

3️⃣ Over Personalise Make candidates feel valued by personalising your communication. Edit meeting invites before you send them, include something unique to this candidate.

4️⃣ Over Accommodate Offer many interview time slots and listen to them. If they are reluctant or feel forced they are less likely to show up.

5️⃣ Over Commit Treat candidates the way that you want them to treat you, avoid changes, be on time, be ready.

These strategies work, you can reduce ‘no shows’.

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